Our Story

Bluguard is owned by Archtron Research & Development Sdn. Bhd (Archtron), it was founded in Malaysia in 2003 by a group of Engineers with the objectives of becoming the first company to embrace the latest technology in the industry and as a part of their aim to bring new technology and business opportunities that specialized in Intelligent Smart Home Solutions. The company has implemented an aggressive growth strategy with a clear focus on developing new technology and solution.

Archtron is committed to invest on research and development work to keep at the forefront of technology by employing a talented team of engineers. The company had launched Bluguard smart home system series throughout the years. Bluguard’s smart home systems comply with the internationally recognized ISO-9001 standard that defines a quality assurance system as well as the European Standard (CE), Electro Magnetic Compliance (EMC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Low Voltage Derivatives (LVD). Archtron provides a comprehensive system includes smart home technology, home automation, energy management, and security systems.

Bluguard smart home help homeowners incorporate today technology into their homes with the goal of enhancing the enjoyment of home life. Our objective is to educate homeowners on the vast array of products and technology available, and then assist them with selecting the components to
provide a complete solution to fit their lifestyle and budget. We work with contractors, builders, interior decorators, developers and end users can see this new technology at work, demystifying smart homes and showing its potential to enhance the way we live and work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading company providing our customer the innovative security system. We believe in the employment of young and inspiring people who evolve and develop as professionals to directly benefits our customers.We have streamlining an intelligent platform for security system as well as the latest smarthome system at a competitive price.


Bluguard SmartHome is an integrated way with Security System and Home Automation to create & enhanced safety and secured protection


1st Gen L900 Series Alarm System and Awarded SIRIM

Launched the 1st Gen L900 Series Alarm System and Awarded SIRIM approval. ARCHTRON R&D incorporated with aims to develop security products.

2nd Gen L900/V Series

Launched the 2nd Gen L900/V Series. Awarded MSC Pioneer Status.


SIRIM approval with IEC-61000-4-5 Current Surge 4KW Compliant. Bluguard is certified with ISO 9001 company.

New Series

Anticipating New Series “Bluguard Smart Bus”.

New Intelligent Series

Providing solutions to the smart home alarm and home automation new intelligent series.

Wireless Ximple W2

As a pioneer in Industrial revolution 4.0, Wireless Ximple W2 is introduced to the market.

Z-wave Technology

Anticipating a new generation of Smart Home with Z-wave Technology.


4000 v

Awards & Recognitions

logo award golden bull
logo award iso9001
logo award matrade
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logo award super excellent brand

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