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Bluguard Elderly Care is a non-intrusive smart monitoring system works by detects an extended period of inactivity while the user is at home. When unusual event is detected, the system will send an alert to the designated family and relative to take further action.

Elderly Care

*Required Latest Bluguard Alarm System
  • Elderly Care Module
  • SOS Button x 1
  • Wireless Motion Sensor (PIR) x 1
  • Wireless Receiver x 1
  • Installation


Elderly Care System is a smart monitoring system that helps you to monitor your loved ones especially the elderly in a smarter and easier way with the use of sensor, SOS button and smartphone app.

No, no monthly fees required. You just need to make a one-time payment for devices and installation.

Elderly Care System works on an independent zone. If you’ve used up all the zone of your alarm system, you will need to add a zone expander in order to add Elderly Care System.

Elderly Care System required new Elderly Care P2P module and mainboard installed from 1st October onwards. Any model installed before this date will need to be replace.

Cannot, our package price is inclusive of installation and installation will be performed by our selected installer only.

100m in open space from the control panel. Repeater can be added to extend another 50m in one location.

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