How It Works

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Bluguard Elderly Care is a non-intrusive smart monitoring system works by detects an extended period of inactivity while the user is at home. When unusual event is detected, the system will send an alert to the designated family and relative to take further action.


*Required Supported Bluguard Mainboard *Terms & conditions apply


Elderly Care System is a smart monitoring system that helps you to monitor your loved ones especially the elderly in a smarter and easier way with the use of sensor, SOS button and smartphone app.

Elderly Care System works on an independent zone. If you’ve used up all the zone of your alarm system, you will need to add a zone expander in order to add Elderly Care System.

Elderly Care System required mainboard enabled with Elderly Care Function, if you can find Elderly Care Setting in the P2P app, you can start using this function.

Of course, you may purchase and install the system with our authorised dealer and subscribe to the service through our P2P app. To reach to our authorized dealer, you may contact us at 017-8171299 or

100m in open space from the control panel. Repeater can be added to extend another 50m in one location.

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