GSM Module

24 Hours Self Reporting System

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GSM 1000 x 1000

Act As Backup Telephony Line

When line disruption happens, the GSM will automatically act as normal telephony system.

Personal SMS Control

Give personal reporting on your alarm status and command your alarm with SMS features.

Standard Industrial SIM Card Support

Support standard size SIM card from all Telco company.

User Friendly Voice Assist

Give simple command to your alarm wherever you are by calling the system.

Call you when Your House is in Trouble

This system will call you when your house alarm has been trigger or power supply cut off.

Work Fine with all Networks

Our GSM is compatible with most of the Telco networks in the local and international standard.

GSM Module

Stay alert of your home’s status no matter where you are with GSM module. This 24-hours Telephony Monitoring system reports on your home’s status through instance SMS messages.

GSM200; L9 &V9
GSM260; V16 Plus & T16 Plus
GSM320; T32 & S32

Metal Casing Dimension
215 x 180 x 65 mm



Auto Dialler

SIM Card
Standard Size

  • Require any Bluguard’s panel series.
  • Monthly subscription fee.

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