Smarten Up Your Home

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HA07 1000 x 1000

Pre-Ready Your House When You’re Home

You can have your house air conditioning ready even before you reach home.

The Saviour of Redundancy

Always stay on light even when the home automation system is down.

Duplicate Yourself When You are Away for Holiday

With our holiday mode, the home automation will randomly turn on the lights to create an illusion someone is in the house.
Smart Home Automation


Let your Air Conditioner or lights run accordingly to pre-set automation schedule and programmable timers so you can focus more of your time and energy on what matters more to you.

Home Automation
Air conditioning, Auto-Gate, Light, Moto-Curtains

Mobile Apps Integration*

IR Learning

  • Require any Bluguard’s panel series
  • Require relay board & current sensor for home automation interacting
  • Require IR Board & current sensor for air conditioning

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