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ZWave 1000 x 1000

Smarter Automation

Simplify your life and save your time with smart automation. Actuators allow you to turn multiple tasks into one simple step, you can even set to turn on the lights & airconds, lower blinds and unlock your front door as you arrive home from work.

Smarter Home

Gateway is like the brain of your smart home, the main device that send signals or commands to other connected Bluguard SmartHome devices in your home. It allows you to monitor and control your home through smartphones, even when you are away from home.

Smarter Controls

Simply control your appliances via smart integrated AI voice control. With Smart Control, home appliances can take your command with voice control through integration with AI speaker, phone control through App and scene control through schedule automation.

Smarter Security

Smart Sensors make your home safer intelligently. Relax at home or go out with peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted on your smartphone whenever the sensor is triggered. Your home is now safer with better security and protection.

Smarter Protection

Smart locks allowed you to remotely lock or unlock your door with your smart phone, provide you peace of mind by letting you decide who is entering and leaving your house.

Smarter Surveillance

Having indoor and outdoor smart camera installed in your house allowed you to keep tabs on your family, including your pet, bringing home closer to you.
Smart Home Automation

Z-Wave Series

Imagine to control the lightings, airconds, temperatures, blinds, smart plugs and door locks in your house with your mobile phone, or a simple voice command. Upgrade your home today to enjoy the best in comfort, security, design and energy efficiency.

Gateway 150 x 150


Siren 150 x 150


Switch Module 150 x 150

Switch Modules

Smart Plug 150 x 150

Smart Plug Module

IR Blaster 150 x 150

IR Blaster

Smart Wall Switches 150 x 150

Smart Wall Switches


Smart Multi Sensors

Smart Single Sensor 150 x 150

Smart Single Sensors

PIR 150 x 150

PIR Motion Sensor

Smoke Sensor 150 x 150

Smoke Sensor

Door Lock 150 x 150

Smart Door Lock

Mini IP Camera 150 x 150

Mini IP Camera

Outdoor Camera 150 x 150

Outdoor Camera

Indoor Camera 150 x 150

Indoor Camera

ZWave Dimmer


  • Require Bluguard panel box to function
  • Build in home automation board

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